Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky has so much fansites around the Internet. We would like to present new generation such as this fan club of Konstantin Khabensky. Here we go to present the introduction of this huge Internet portal, where you could not only share your own opinion about this famous actor but also follow for all news about him, and any other information which would be appeared in the nearest and further future.

First, there was a film. "Night Watch". It literally turned my mind upside down and back from the head to the feet. I watched it again and again, catching every frame, every scene, eagerly peering into the face of a beloved hero. After a while I knew by heart the film literally, at times it even seemed that it is I myself took off - so imprinted in the subconscious mind and all the frames of the movie.

Then it was realized. The realization that I like, not only and not so much as the movie itself as the leading man. And subsequent times I watch a movie, looking at each of his eyes, remembering the look on his face. I collected pictures of him, studying every wrinkle on his face. Then arose and the understanding that he was my idol, and I - his fan.

After that there was a desire. Share your thoughts, feelings and thrill the soul with other such as myself. Discuss with them new roles of Konstantin Khabensky, share the most successful photographs, meet and walk together on his performances and premieres new film roles.

Thus was our Virtual Konstantin Khabensky fansite. He brings together the most dedicated and passionate his fans and admirers. We communicate, meet, and share photos or videos with your favorite actor, share news and experiences.